sábado, 12 de março de 2011

MIGUEL NICOLELIS, o nosso neurocientista, responde sobre conexão cérebro-máquina

Miguel Nicolelis Discusses Brain-Machine Connections in Live, Interactive Webcast March 18

By Duke University

Working with colleagues in 2008, Professor Miguel Nicolelis successfully harnessed the brain activity of a monkey and sent the signals over the Internet to Japan, where they triggered a robot to walk on a treadmill in real time.
Nicolelis will answer questions about this research and the future of brain-machines connections in a live webcast on Duke University’s Ustream channel beginning at noon Friday, March 18. Anyone can submit a question for Nicolelis with an email to live@duke.edu before the webcast. During the show, online viewers can Tweet with the tag #dukelive or post their questions to the Duke University Facebook page.

In his new book Beyond Boundaries (available this spring), Nicolelis says his research will not only have significant implications for severely paralyzed patients, but also could revolutionize social networking.

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  1. Não entendo nada de inglês mais sei que esse trabalho que ele desenvolve é demais de interessante.